Welcome to Thornapple Township

We believe that good government has its roots in the people, so our goal is to help and serve.

Our township is located in the northwest corner of Barry County, 20 miles south of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a town once called Thornapple, but now called Middleville. Thornapple Township is 36 square miles and we were given our name from the Thornapple River,Β  which is a tributary of the Grand River and flows perfectly south to north through the heart of our township. Although our township is rural in nature, both our township and theΒ Village of MiddlevilleΒ are home to more than 8,000 people. The "Scales Prairie" area west of the village features some of the most productive farmland in the county. In addition, Barry County's largest employer, Bradford White Corporation, is located in Middleville.

Thornapple Township is governed by a seven member Board that meets the second Monday of each month. Township Officials are elected every four years. Our current board members include:

  • Supervisor: Mike Bremer
  • Clerk:Β Cindy Willshire
  • Treasurer: Debra K. Buckowing
  • Trustees: Curtis Campbell, Ross DeMaagd, Jake Jelsema and Sandra Rairigh