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Operating the Utilities and Sewers of Thornapple Township

Township Utilities and Sewer

Thornapple Township operates an approximately 135 member sanitary sewer system at the east side of Duncan Lake. Fees are established by the Township Board and assessed on a quarterly basis to those residents hooked up to the system.

For more general information about the sewer system, please contact the Township Supervisor during regular office hours. For billing questions, including status of payment, and to change contact information please contact the Clerk’s office during regular office hours at 269-795-7202.

Maintenance Tips and Charges for the Duncan Lake Sewer System:  SEWER TIPS & CHARGES

The Village of Middleville owns and operates the water/sewer system located within the limits of the Village. Please contact the Village Office at 269-795-3385 during business hours with any questions.

Persons interested in obtaining permission to drill wells for new homes or businesses should contact the Barry/Eaton District Health Department at 269-945-9516.


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