Township Elections & Voting

Voting is One of the Most Cherished and Fundamental Rights in our Township.

Election Information


Please feel free to contact our Interim Clerk, Elaine Denton or our Deputy Clerk, Amy Brown during normal business hours. Our office is open from 9:00am - 4:00pm EST, Monday through Thursday and on Fridays by appointment only. Call (269) 953-6382 to set up an appointment.


Thornapple Township currently has three precincts for elections. If you are interested in being an election worker, please contact the Clerk’s office or e-mail the clerk, clerk@thornapple-twp.org.

Election Dates - Check Out Our Calendar For Upcoming Election Dates

Due to the recent election consolidation legislation, elections can now be held four times per year. Please consult your local newspaper for important notices related to elections.

If you are interested in working in a precinct on election day, complete the Election Inspector Application and return it to the Clerk's office.

Precinct 1: Voters residing West of M-37 are located in Precinct 1 (residing outside the Village of Middleville), voting at the Thornapple Township Emergency Services Building, 128 High Street in downtown Middleville.

Precinct 2: Voters residing East of M-37 (residing outside the Village of Middleville) and voters residing within the corporate limits of the Village of Middleville living east of Grand Rapids Street and north of East Main Street, voting at the                                       Thornapple Township Hall, 200 E. Main St. in downtown Middleville.

Precinct 3: Voters residing within the corporate limits of the Village of Middleville living west of Grand Rapids Street and south of East Main Street, voting at the Village of Middleville Hall, 100 E. Main St. in downtown Middleville.

Absentee Ballots

To obtain an Absentee Ballot Application, please come to the Thornapple Township hall or email: clerk@thornapple-twp.org

Absentee Voter Ballot Status

  • The State of Michigan now offers a few online options for voters to request to join Thornapple Townships Permanent AV list so we know to send you an AV application in advance of every election for which you are eligible.
  • Existing voters reviewing their record on the Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) at Michigan.gov/Vote can make their request now in the upper-right hand corner, where they typically see AV information.
  • Voters (with a valid MI driver's license or state ID) registering for the first time online or changing their address on the Online Voter Registration (OVR) website can make their request as they confirm their address formatting.
  • Voters now retain their Permanent AV status when moving from one address to another and even from one jurisdiction to another.

General Election Results State of Michigan Election Results & Information


Voting Information

To register to vote, you must be all of the following:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • At least 18 years old by Election Day
  • A resident of Michigan
  • A resident of Thornapple Township (where you are applying to register to vote).

If you want to check to see if you are registered, visit www.Michigan.gov/vote. There you will find information about registering to vote and voting, voting equipment, polling place locations, state and local ballots, the candidates, campaign finance and more. Your local Clerk can help with questions about your voter registration, polling place location and working at the polls.


State of MI Voter Registration Solicitud de Registro de Votante del Estado de Michigan