Burn Permits

Township Burn Permits


Recreational fires as well as open burning of brush, leaves, and grass clippings is allowed in most areas of Thornapple Township. Each day prior to burning, you must obtain a permit. Obtaining a burn permit has never been easier — just send an email to radioroom@thornapple-twp.org with your name, phone number, address where the burning will take place and what will be burned.   Please note that only natural materials are allowed to be burned (i.e: brush, leaves, untreated wood, etc)


      • Demolition debris
      • Construction materials
      • Automotive parts
      • Household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materials

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*You are responsible for any costs associated with damage, negligence or extinguishment due to a fire that has gotten out of control, or that must be extinguished due to violations of Township ordinances!


Michigan Open Burning Guide

Open burning is the burning of unwanted materials such as paper, trees, brush, leaves, grass, and other debris, where smoke and other emissions are released directly into the air without passing through a chimney or stack is considered open burning. It also includes using incineration devices that do not control combustion air to maintain an adequate temperature and do not provide sufficient residence time for complete combustion. Open burning pollutes the air and poses a fire hazard. The air pollution created can irritate eyes and lungs, obscure visibility, soil nearby surfaces, create annoying odors, and is a threat to those with respiratory conditions. The state’s open burning rules are very restrictive. Only certain material may be burned provided that specific criteria are met.

In Michigan, our Township regulates the practice of open burning within Thornapple Township boundaries, although, there are also Michigan state open burn regulations as well. Click here for Michigan's Open Burning Guide to learn more.